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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Are we aware?

The ancient vedas says "dont ever go behind LUST, GREED & MEAT Because, it kills the very nature of human!

Human beings are the embodiment of love. Love is all about sharing in a relationship. We are bound to nature. so, humans were created to have an ever bonding relationship with nature.

Every Religion in this world were made up of VALUES, SYMBOLS and CUSTOMS... The fundamental thing "VALUES" preached by all the Religions were the same! Maybe, the approach are different.But, the fella human tends to follow Symbols and customs, which are of less prior than values.. This is the root cause of what's happening in ISRAEL and PALESTINE.

How many people can we say were pure according to vedic preach? we can't say a person who is not behind LUST... Everyone is in search of it. so what's lust? During intercourse, we act like animals! are we giving the respect to fella being? Definetly not!

Greed! so what's greed? Excessive desire to acquire or possess more (especially more material wealth) than one needs or deserves! USA is the perfect example and AFRICA is the perfect victim!

Meat! 85% of the world people are non-vegetarians, so i dont need to explain more!

Everyone in this world may have atleast one of the attributes ( LUST, GREED, MEAT) Then how can we expect the world function properly??

Greed drives us to acquire more wealth, more money, more luxury! We build factories. we buy cars. we deplete nature! so, the end result "Greenhouse effect", "Global warming" and some unknown words which may arise in the near future.

Lust drives us to behave like animal. Increases passion towards women, prostitutes blossom! Genital diseases occur! AIDS results!

When we all going to correct these things? and when we will begin to establish the embodiment of LOVE?, the very nature we are created for!

Time only knows the answer!

By the way, these are some of the questions sprouted in me while reading "WISDOM OF THE NEW MILLENIUM" By sri sri ravishankar and Two kandas( Bala kanda & Ayodhya kanda) in Valmiki's Ramayana.

Monday, March 05, 2007

A new blog!

Am starting a new blog purely for movie reviews...

Here is the link
(wait for sometime for a new post!)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Memento - Stunning screenplay!

Memento, a nervewracking psychological thriller, is one of the best modern day works... The film is directed by the "christoper nolan" and the movie is based on the short story "memento mon"

The speciality of this film is "reverse screenplay", the sequence of the film is in reverse order.. Initially, the viewers wont understand anything. but as the movie goes, the knots are tied dramatically!

The lead actors Guy pearce and Carrie-Anne Moss have done a excellent job. Especially guy pearce has shown an impeccable acting! ( this guy really rocks! peak!)

The plot is this.. Hero suffers from a medical disorder namely "short-term memory loss" and forgets any new kindaa memory within few minutes... wat all he remembers is this! someone has killed his wife and he is on the verge of revenge! He relates everything he come across using fotos, tatoos and some paper snippets...

Memento, a critically acclaimed movie, a box-office success and has got many awards round the globe. It has got highly-coveted OSCAR for " BEST SCREENPLAY AND EDITING"...It is ranked as the 26th best movie evermade by IMDB.

Everyone loves this movie! neither a pure nor a commercial cinema.. yet, blockbuster perfection! really rocks!

PS: Ghajini, a tamil movie is based on the inspiration of this movie. Except the term "short-term memory loss", this movie is in no way comparable with the original one.. But, ghajini was a desi adaptation and some commercial elements are added to spice up things!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pachai kili muthucharam

Pachai kili muthucharam, the name seems very weird and created lotta hype. Its neither spectacular nor mediocre, but an average film from gautham... i was very much eager to get a glimpse of the movie, surprisingly i got a ticket today.. very much surprised! (rarely u get a ticket for a tamil cinema on 3rd day :) )

This movie is all about extra-martial affair (what i think, but not really! no romance) and someone so called villain enters the scenario and does emotional blackmail, threatens him (hero) and even gets money frequently from him.. somehow our hero realises so called heroism and does gets out of the web!

yep, we saw this kindaa stuff (i mean the "plot") many times... but wats the difference? The presentation seems somewhat unique and lead actors done a neat job...

As a viewer, iam totally dejected with the first half ( extremely extremely boringgggggggggggggg!) and the second half is lot better than it...

i'm a fan of gautham direction because of his slick production values.. if ur gonna pay sixty rupees you either expect a wholesome entertainment or a good movie! but it doesn't have any ( iam sorry!) so i need the director to understand the audience view of the film or he should take a movie only for film festivals...

This is what i see, but it may differ... so sorry for gautham fans..


Sunday, January 28, 2007


It was rated as the “second best” movie ever made in the history of world cinema by IMDB (International Movie Data Base). It got 9.1/10 pts and more than one lakh people voted in favour of it. Since it was released along with “FORREST GUMP” and “PULP FICTION” (super hits of 1994), commercially this movie got the beating! Won more accolade around the globe, but lost in the Oscar race….

Shawshank redemption is a well-scripted movie, beautifully narrated and had impeccable actors (Morgan freeman and Tim robins). Well, am not going to write a review about this movie, but feeling for the fate of “pure cinema”. Commercially hit movies make compromises, shows fictional content and plot seems to be damp in nature, but we love it, enjoy it and praise it (I mean most…). Though good movies rarely show fictional content, but still it makes sense, some kindaa impact in us ( I mean few…) Pure movies need to be encouraged world wide, unless it happens the quantity of good cinema would be an history!

Watch out this movie if ur a lover of pure cinema!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Writing a blog after a long time indeed... everytime iam giving some kindaa reasons & excuses, but really am not interested in anything... i dont know wats happening to me... i hate learning (some knows wat iam speaking abt), i can't able to be a responsible friend (if he is reading this! iam sorry dear), As a blogger, i just fill my webspace once in a month! my semester results is yet to come, but it already started haunting my sleep and much more to say, but i limit my words so no one is ruined by my blog....

iam not doing justification to anything and am making compromises in every possible corner in my life... losing some kindaa grip, but need to bounce back with full vigour and energy, needed a trigger! some kindaa self trigger so it lasts long!

PS: sorry became a constant word in my blogs, once again sorry for the most exasperating post!

byeeeee :(

Friday, December 29, 2006

Veyil - watch out for its FEEL!

Some movies inspire us to say “WOWWWW FABULOUS!”

Some movies make us to say “OKAY, NOT BAD”

Some movies irritates us an extent to say “UFFF! USELESS PLOT”

But only few movies make us FEEL and CRUSH our hearts”.

And Veyil is one of its kind, if you’re an ardent movie freak waiting for a masala cinema, sorry geeks! This one is not for you… If you are a lover of pure cinema (what I believe) get yourself a ticket and enjoy the wholesome movie….

I rate veyil as the “BEST TAMIL MOVIE” of the year 2006…

Bye byeeee 2006...